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Back in January, 37Games, a subsidiary of Ledo Millenium, the company that owns SNK, announced that they are working on a KOF anime series to release in the spring. Since then we have not heard anything else. I was able to chat with 37Games to get a better idea on what to expect and when. While we could not get info on the plot and roster of the anime series we do know about the anime studio and potential release window (it is not the spring). check it out:

Hadoken.net: You guys, literally, took the world by storm when you announced, back in January, that The King Of Fighters Anime series is in the making for a 2016 release. As huge fans of the series we were literally speechless. So what can you tell us about how you guys decided that it is time for an anime series for the KOF franchise?

37Games: KOF is an IP that has a large audience base and enjoys an extensive universe of characters. The game is already extremely famous and we think if it is adapted to no matter anime, film, or other media, KOF will also be widely accepted and commercially successful. Besides the anime which is in the making, we are also planning to make a KOF TV series.

We hope to make famous IPs like KOF even more influential in the international market by expanding their edges to more fields, instead of restricting them to games only. Meanwhile, 37Games is now enlarging its business scope. We are entering markets like animation, film and live video, giving our company access to more opportunities worldwide and less risk.

Hadoken.net: The announcement stated that the Anime is set from online distribution. Could you elaborate on that? is it going to air on TV or is it online only?

37Games: The answer is both. Considering the great impact the internet has on our target audience, we will publish the anime on major on-line video platforms such as youku.com, iQIYI.com and v.qq.com. Also, we will broadcast it on free TV channels like Jinying Cartoon (金鹰卡通). We’d like to let as many fans as possible know that KOF is more than just a game, it’s an experience that can be told through animation as well.

Hadoken.net: The studio involved in making the anime has not been announced so far. could you tell us at least if it is a Japanese anime studios or is it a Chinese animation studio?

37Games: We are making the anime in-house. Our staff in Shanghai has finished the basic design of characters and combat skills. SNKP president along with the company’s core members have been involved in every step of the production and are proud of the quality of the work.

Hadoken.net: when can we expect the debut of The King Of Fighters anime series?

37Games: As long as everything goes to plan, it should be online as soon as the end of this year or no later than the next March.

Special thanks to 37Games for this opportunity, and look for more info regarding the KOF Anime and maybe even other SNK anime on hadoken.net, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @hadokendotnet  like us on Facebook.

  • Raptor150

    KOF anime series? yes please!

  • Los Illuminados – Vote Trump!

    Yes! a KOF anime series !!! very much looking forward to it. ^ . ^

  • JTieWon12

    Do you know if it will be voiced by Japanese or Chinese VAs?

    • Destruktor2k

      no idea. Probably both. The main version is the chinese so i guess chinese va.

      • JTieWon12

        I hope they add the Japanese VAs cuz theirs are just too iconic already. Also, thanks for the interview. 🙂

        • Skip Sheffield

          Well since they are changing a lot of voice actores in KOF 14, don’t expect a lot of classic voices. Also during the old days, the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting animations didn’t have all of the seiyuus reprising their video game roles for animation. Just because it will have a Japanese dub, doesn’t mean it will get the voices you want. But if they get the voices of Kyo and Iori, should be enough for me at least.

    • videoman190

      When it’s released in Japan it will have a Japanese dub! Hopfuly by the games VA’s.

  • Sevket Erhat

    This post got me really excited. So much looking forward to it