Fatal fury anime

When Ledo Millenium acquired SNK couple years back, it was announced that the company will pursue anime and movie adaptations of their major IPs. The first of these projects is the currently airing The King Of Fighters Destiny anime series which has been, so far, met with praise from fans (and this site) for its spot on characterizations and awesome fight choreography. Now, only few weeks after launching the first anime in years, SNK has stated on their corporate websites that several anime and movies are in the works for their franchises.

The statement appeared on SNK website under a “Cross media” section, and mentions that SNK is developing various anime and movie projects for their famous ips, specifically mentioning Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and Metal Slug. 

There has been a rumor that we have heard stating that SNK is working on both a new Samurai Shodown game and an anime adaptation.

Back in the 90’s SNK has been very active in the anime side of things, with various anime projects including Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, and Fatal Fury, the latter being the major success, spawning 2 OVAs and 1 theatrical movie.

Are you excited about this announcement? If so which Anime or movie adaptation would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: SNK-Corp.co.jp


  • samirerre

    Sounds great, but i would much rather SNK go back to the original Timeline of Ryo beating young Whitesuite Geese.
    I Love the King Of Fighters Destiny but It’s a mass.
    Robert, the equilivent of Ryo is a juke and THAT’S FINE but i hope its not canon,HECK I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT CANON ANYMORE LOL.
    SNK should have started with ART OF FIGHTING and as a Movie nontheless.

  • Ionutz Fulger

    It would be great! Anime movies I would like to see:
    Art of Fighting 2 (with young Geese as the starting point) – the AOF anime was simply trash!,
    Fatal Fury (even if it kind of fits in destiny now) – FF ova had so many flaws,
    Fatal Fury 2 (this was great, it still stands up today),
    Fatal Fury 3 (the Jins plot) – FF motion picture was a bad decision since it wasn t game related, FFRB (Geese s end) and a Samurai Shodown movie based on the second game.
    As for the KOF series I will be more than satisfied if Destiny will tell the entire Orochi saga.
    I want a lot, don t I?! 😀

    • JohnMc

      “the AOF anime was simply trash!”

      I love AOF [the game series] so it hurts to admit that the anime was bad. How the hell do you screw that up? Karate Teacher’s sister is kidnapped by town Mob Boss, Karate Teacher and Best Friend/Training Partner/Friendly rival tear up the town and fight their way through the Mob’s members to come face to face with the Mob Boss and finally to face the Mysterious Mr.Karate who has been holding his Sister captive only to find out it their long lost Father. Just reading that it should have been good.