As fans of The King Of Fighters Series we have often wanted to read good KOF books or comics but were always frustrated at the lack of them in the western world. Looking online we could see a huge number of mangas and manhuas that are quite popular in Asia but never saw the light of day in English speaking countries.

KOFworld is happy to announce that we are starting an initiative to fully translate most of the (good) KOF manhuas or Mangas out there. With its huge popularity in china, it is not a surprise that there exist more Chinese manhuas for KOF than there exist Japanese ones. I spent the last months going through all the books to see which ones are good ones, official, or very close to cannon. I compiled a list of these books and i am now in the process of translating them. This is going to be a long project that will probably take months if not years, as i will keep digging for more KOF goodness to share with you.

Below is a list of the books that i am currently compiling and translating:


  • KOFXIV prelude Manga (Complete)
  • The King Of Fighters Zillion by Andy Seto
  • The King OF Fighters 2000 By Andy Seto
  • The King Of Fighters 2001
  • The King Of Fighters XII (it seems this is more a KOF XI story than it is XII)
  • The King Of Fighters RX


  • The King Of Fighters 94 by Ryo Takamisaki
  • The King Of Fighters 94 by Tatsuya Shingyoji
  • The King Of Fighters G by Ryo Takamisaki
  • The King Of Fighters KYO (Already translated years ago by some fans and will soon be added to the site)

The project in itself is quite costly, bot in money and time, as i am paying for the translations myself, and then using computer software to replace the texts with the translated version. For that reason the site will soon be accepting donations to help with this project. If the donations do not cover the expense of the project, and unless i find a fan from the community who is willing to translate the texts for free, i will be forced to shutdown the initiative.

Timeline of the project:

The first small book that has been fully translated is the King Of Fighters XIV prelude manga, which will be on the site today. Next i am currently translating the King Of Fighters Zillion, by Andy Seto, which takes place between the Orochi Saga and Nests saga. It is an original story but a pretty good one. I am doing the translation myself from the French version that was released in France few years ago. Meanwhile i have a professional translator working on The King Of Fighters R and The King Of Fighters 2000, both by Andy Seto. KOF R tells the origin of Kyo, Iori and the ganag and how the Japan team first meet up. KOF2000 is a direct continuation of KOF zillion and it is a retelling of the game of the same name.

There is a good chance that KOF R will be fully online before the end of the month while Zillion is still rolling out.

Once these are complete i believe the next one to tackle will be KOF RX, which is a manga/manhua adaptation of the full nests saga and is quite a popular book in China.

I hope that we can all work together as fans to have this site a source of all these great KOF comics that are pretty obscure in the west. If any of you can help with the translations please let me know, and for those who can please donate to the site once the donation option is live in few weeks.


  • Kein Sylvan

    That sounds great, overall by the mangas and the Andy Seto’s manhuas. How are you going to accept donations?

    • KOFworld

      The donations will be accepted through paypal. I don’t want start accepting them until i start uploading the translated work so that you guys see i am serious about this.