As a small new year gift, i have uploaded the final issue of The King Of Fighters R. KOF R issue 8 set things in motion for the KOF94 storyline, as we learn more about Iori, the Hakkeshu and how Rugal was chosen to host the tournament.

This is quite a milestone as we have completed our first KOF comic series translation from a LONG list of series to go through. I am hoping you guys are enjoying this initiative. I would also like to thank those who donated towards this project, and ask those who did not and can to please donate as the whole initiative is in danger as i am financing 95% from my own money. We accept donations via paypal through the link below:

You can read The King Of Fighters R Issue 8 at the KOF R page. You can also read our other translated KOF comics by visiting the KOF Comics Page.

The next series we will start translating is the King Of Fighters Zillion by Andy Seto which takes place between KOF97 and 99.

Happy new Year!