UPDATE 2: Chapter is Now back online, as it has been 24 hours since Official Japanese Release.

UPDATE: Chapter has been removed, and will be back online 24 hours after official Japanese Version is Released.

The latest chapter of The King Of Fighters: A New Beginning Manga has been translated to English, and edited by our great Saltamiya. Chapter 3, titled Round 1-3: Member Select, sees the introduction of other fan favorites, the likes of Athena, Leona and Geese.

You can the full The King Of Fighters A New Beginning Chapter 3 at the KOF: A New Beginning Manga Page.

Please remember to support the original Manga in Japanese by visiting the official KOF: A New Beginning page on the shonen sirius magazine page liking and sharing the original chapters.

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  • JTieWon12

    Few things i want to note regarding the scanlation:

    – Watermarks have been reduced, which is good. If u guys can reduce them further, pls do.

    – Editing: No need to TL/ED everything if it’s trivial, messing with the image; I.e: the page w/ Athena’s catchphrase, you could just leave the TN below to explain what it is. Point is to not let the text occupies so much space over the image that readers can’t see much. First and last page are the same, you can skip the author/artist and “to be continue” (like the first chapter).

    Also, i’m sure the editor already know one of the rules: give your text room to breathe. I notice some texts were made purposely huge, maybe it was done to make things bigger to read or to cover what’s behind, but i advise not to cuz you’re not supposed to shove text into people’s face.*

    – Release: As ANB is weekly, the raw (1.3 & next is 1.4) come from insiders in Japan who uploaded on the web as soon as they get their hands on it. In this case, it’s more than a week before it’s out officially, so regarding the situation, you’d release the translated ver after it’s official chapter. It’s also why i told you to take your time with it the last time.

    That’s all for now and regarding to *, heavy text over image isn’t recommended so i still think you’d make a separate page for it. Hell, even something like this would do: