Announced only few weeks ago,┬áThe King Of Fighters: A New Beginning Manga has officially launched today with its first chapter titled “Member Select”. The series marks the first Japanese KOF manga done in more than 20 years.

As part of the KOF Manga/Manhua Translation initiative, i am happy to announce that we are going to be translating the manga as it comes out. The first chapter is currently being worked on, and i am hoping to have it ready within 24 hours. New chapters will be added weekly to the newly created The King Of Fighters A New Beginning Manga Page.

The King Of Fighters: A New Beginning Is being published weekly on the online Pocket Shonen Magazine, and will be collected monthly on the Shonen Sirius magazine. The manga is illustrated by Kyoutarou Azuma.

Looking at the first chapter it is very clear that The King Of Fighters a New Beginning, is an adaptation of the KOFXIV video game, the series latest installment. With SNK heavily involved in the manga, it makes us believe that this could be an official adaptation of The King Of Fighters XIV video game.



While waiting for our English translation of the first chapter of the King Of Fighters A New Beginning, you can always check the Raw Japanese version located here.

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