The first KOFworld translated comic has started rolling. The King Of Fighters R is an origin story to the world of KOF. Written by Andy Seto, KOF R follows a young Kyo as he learns about his place in the world while meeting his allies, love interest as well as his arch-nemesis Iori Yagami.

The series is 8 issues long and we expect to have a new issue almost daily (minus weekends).

As previously mentioned, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as KOFworld is planning to become the one stop collection for all KOF comics, anime, art galleries and more.

You can start reading The King Of Fighter R as the comic’s page located here

Please Remember that This is a long and costly project that we will hopefully finish within a year. While KOFworld is a free site we do hope you enjoy this collection enough to donate and help us pay the various translators and web designers as well as the site’s hosting and maintenance fees. We currently accept donations through paypal through the link below.
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Nabil, AKA Strugler, is an old time fan of the fighting games genre. Born in the early 80's Strugler got to experience the rise (and fall) of the Arcade scene, and learned the hard way to never mash buttons in order to win the last third round of a Street Fighter II match.
  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    Mmmmmm at least they will covered how Japan Team beats Garou team. This seems like a decent comic, too much Japan team focused. Is from Andy Seto too?

    • KOFworld

      This is an 8 issue mini series shoeing how Japan team meets. It serves as an origin story to kyo and iori as well. It was writtena dn drawn by andy seto after his successful kof zillion series

      • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

        Im too old for this, Kyo has always been a lame char. And Iori is a cliché walking. Btw Where’s Saisyu’s rival. Iori’s dad or Saisyu didn’t have one until Iori comes. Then where does Iori gets all this hate for the Kusanagi?

        • KOFworld

          Iori s dad was never mentioned. The hatred between the families is explained in details in the king of fighters zillion series. I dont know i like kyo. As far as fighting games go, kof has the best story and history.

          • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

            Kof is a fairy tale, you gotta be kidding me with the best story and history, but Ok.

            And this Kof comics by Andy Seto are just Kyo and Iori fan service, they are even more op than in the game.

            Kyo and Iori are Goku and Vegeta, one-dimensional chars, idk how they are still popular. But well ppl still consume Soul of Gold and Db Super I got my answer.