Dear KOf fans,

I am happy to announce that the 3rd issue of, the excellent, KOF zillion comics series has been translated to English. This new translation is based on the official French release of the series in 2002.

In The King Of Fighters Zillion #3 the battle between Kyo zero and Iori take a turn to the unexpected, while the real Kyo finally regain consciousness.

You can read the full The King Of Fighters Zillion #3 in english, for Free, at the KOF Zillion manga page.

PS: While Many of the translations are going as scheduled, the editing of these comics have slowed down mainly to me being very busy at my actual job. If any one can help me and Saltamiya with Editing comics we could post more faster. The right person should be very good with Photoshop. E-mail me at: if interested.

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