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The King of Fighters: Kyo (manga)

Author: Masato Natsumoto

Volumes: 3

Year Of Publication: 1996

Chapters: 14 + 1 bonus

Scanlation Status: Volume 1 and 2 Complete – volume 3 in progress

Summary: The King of Fighters: Kyo (ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ 京, Za Kingu obu Faitāzu Kyo) is a Japanese manga that started publication in 1996 and ran for a total of 3 volumes. the story of the series takes place at the end of The King Of Fighters 95 and works as a prelude and retelling The King Of Fighters 96. The book focuses on Kyo’s state of mind and relationships and how he is affected by the Orochi blood feud that has been putting his family and Iori’s at each others throats. thanks to the Playstation RPG game of the same name, The story Of The King Of Fighters Kyo was expanded to include the events of The King of Fighters ’97.
Work to be done: Looking online for several weeks, it appears only the first two volumes were scanlated years ago. This includes the first 10 chapters as well as the bonus chapter focusing on Leona. I was ablt to find good quality scans for Volume 3 and it is currently being translated.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Final Chapter


Extra Chapter: Leona