The King Of Fighters R issue 3 has been added to the site. In the 3rd chapter in Andy Seto’s KOF origins story, Kyo accepts to enter the Japan Martial arts tournaments. The same contest that was referenced in the KOF94 and 95 games, as well as briefly shown in the KOF 94 Rebout animated intro. All this, while Iori shows Souji he is not the person to mess with.

You can read The King Of Fighters R issue 3 in English for free at KOF R comics page. This translation is part of the King Of Fighters manga/manhua translation initiative that i am working very hard on. Please remember that this is a costly project and we would appreciate any donation you could spare for KOFworld. the plan is to make this site the one stop for everything KOF related, including Comics, Anime, and massive art gallery compilations.

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  • Hank Essman

    Thanks for your hard work on these! It’s been a lot of fun to see a different take on the KOF story.

    • KOFworld

      No problem. Glad you enjoy it!