Dear KOF Fans,

I am happy to announce that is launching a new KOF comic translation page. After finishing Andy Seto’s KOF-R, i am now working on fully translating The King Of Fighters Zillion, also written and drawn by Seto. KOF Zillion launched in early 2000, and have its story set between KOF 97 and KOF 99, with retelling of some of KOF99 as well. The story is andy Seto’s swan song to the early games as it relaly explores many of the series’ plots, villains and rivalries.

The series starts by introducing Nests and unraveling their secret plans, before dealing with Orochi’s return, and even Rugal resurrection. Many of the franchise characters shine in this adaptation, and those include some very unpredictable surprises.

The King Of Fighters Zillion comes in 45 issues. Early attempts at translating this really good comic were never completed. the series was officially picked up in 2002 by French publisher Glenat, which released it in french over the course of 15 volumes collecting the entire series. For this translation project, i am translating the french version to english and using high quality scans of the Hinese comic i found on

I hope you will enjoy this series as much as i did, as it really delves into the history or Kyo and Iori and stick very close to the game lore.┬áPlease Remember that The KOF Comics Translation initiative a long and costly project. While KOFworld is a free site we do hope you enjoy this collection enough to donate to help us pay the various translators and web designers as well as the site’s hosting and maintenance fees. We currently accept donations through paypal through the link below.

Issue 1 is now available for you to read at the KOF Zillion English comic Page.