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The King of Fighters: Zillion (manhua)

Author: Andy Seto

Issues: 45

Year Of Publication: 1999

Scanlation Status: In Progress

Summary: The King Of Fighters Zillion is swan song to the Orochi Saga of the games series. Author and artist Andy Seto took on the impossible task to summarize and make sense of the KOf franchise and the results are stunning. the series takes place right after KOF97 and serves as a bridge between the Orochi and Nests KOF sagas. The King Of Fighters Zillion has it all: Nests rising, Orochi coming back, Rugal resurrection and KOF99 semi-adaptation. This first series does not give reader a breather from one plot to another.

Work to be done: The series was never fully translated. back in 2002, the now defunct kof-man.moonfruit translated the first 5 issues. Later in 2002 French publisher Glenat picked up the series and released the full comic in a 15 volume book series. So this translation i am doing is from the French Glenat edition. I was also able to find some great quality scans for the chinese version on New issues will be added regularly until we complete the series in few months.

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Issue 1

Issue 2