Before The King Of Fighters became the crown jewel of SNK, it was none other than Fatal Fury, Garou Densetsu in Jpan, that was company’s flagship title. Over a dozen titles across multiple consoles and arcades, Fatal Fury still holds a special place in SNK fans’ hearts. Unlike most fighting games in general, Fatal Fury had a coherent good and heart warming story to go with each title. The title even spanned a trio of excellent anime features spearheaded by the legendary Masami Obari.

In the 15th anniversary of the franchise, SNK Japan made a 20mn short movie with still images that recaps thye entire saga of the Fatal fury games. Known asĀ Garou Densetsu: Memories of Stray Wolves, the movie features a slew of the characters from the series. Fans always hoped that SNK would release the movie in English to no avail. But that to fans we have a subtitled version of the movie. Check it out below and let us know what you think: