When i started KOFworld few months ago, my goal was create a haven for fans of the KOF franchise, a place where to hang out, have fun, and get the latest news on SNK flagship titles. Weeks later i decided to use KOFworld to do something i always wanted to see back in the 90’s and early 2000’s which to find, translate and provide for free all the KOF mangas and manhuas that were never released in the west. That list grew from 5 or 5 series, to a massive 20+ series that i am collecting right now and actively translating.

But why stop there, i see big opportunities for KOFworld.com. Below is a list of things that i would like to add to the site:

  • Daily original articles about KOF, and SNK franchises (will need to either find volunteer writers or hire someone)
  • More comics translated Weekly. Due to the high budget of translating comics from Chinese, we are limited to only 1 or 2 issues per week. I plan on increasing these to 4 weekly if we can afford it.
  • KOF Galleries: I am currently working on adding extensive galleries for KOF, that will be grouped by game. The idea is to have KOFworld your onestop for all KOF/SNK related illustrations.
  • KOF game pages. We will be adding a page for each KOF game that will collect all the info and material about that particular game. that includes, Story, Gallery, endings, Arts, and videos.
  • Weekly SNK/KOF youtube show: A youtube weekly show that recaps the week in SNK news as well as discuss KOF related topics. If all goes well the show will launch around Q2 2018.
  • KOFworld Forums.

The above points are just a sample of what KOFworld will offer in the future. In order to be able to evolve to his great hub of KOF love, we will need your support whenever possible. We are accepting donations i paypal by clicking on the following link: 

 We are also now on Patreon, where you could become a patron for the site and obtain exclusive KOF comic goodies when you support our cose. Learn more at the KOfworld page on Patreon.

Hope you are as excited as i am for the future of KOFworld.com As always please if you have any comments or request, do let me know in the comments section below!