kof99 switch

2018 seems like a big year for SNK. For starters, the company will celebrating their 40th birthday with a number of products like the recently started The King Of Fighters a New Beginning Manga, an update to KOFXIV, and new titles to be announced and released in the next few months.

Now a new rumor has surfaced online stating that SNK is working on a Nintendo Switch title. The rumor also claims that the title is not KOFXIV, Metal Slug 5, or Samurai Shodown 7.

Is this an exclusive title or is it the same fighting game the company is currently working on and will be announced this year? Could this be a revival of the Fatal Fury franchise? Or could it be the rumored Neogeo battle Coliseum sequel? Only time will tell.

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to SNK games, a number of the ACA Neo Geo titles have been released on the console like KOF98, 99, 2000, and others. It is worth mentioning that Nintendo will be having their famous Nintendo direct show sometimes this month, so an announcement of this rumored SNK game could be very close.

source: Resetera

  • JohnMc

    I’m going to guess it will be a port of KOF XiV with the upcoming patch and DLC character/s.