We have been covering quite a few the excellent The King Of Fighters Destiny mobile game, which is currently enjoying its final closed beta. But that is not the only mobile game that SNK has been working on! The King Of Fighters World, announced a year go, is the first MMORPG based on SNK’s flagship franchise. The game has now officially launched for IOS, with the Android version launching tomorrow January 18th.

This first launch phase is considered an open beta that will switch to full release once the developers are confident that the game is bug free.

Related imageMuch like the King Of Fighters Destiny anime and game, KOF world retells the story of the Orochi Saga. You can choose between 4 playable characters (who all look quite generic except for Terry) as you get to travel through south town and meet other KOf players. I have downloaded the game on android and will do a video preview as son as the game launches tomorrow.

You can download the android version by going here. For IOs version of the King Of Fighters World you will need a Chinese App store account

Special thanks to Site friend and helper, @Meansary for the details.