Neogeo Battle Coliseum

Yes! You have read that right! A rumor surfaced today, a quite detailed one that is, revealing that SNK has started work on Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2, a sequel to to the first game released in 2005 in the arcades.

Neo Geo battle coliseum was a 2 vs 2 game featuring characters from most of SNK franchises, including famous ones like The King Of Fighters, Fatal fury, Samurai Shodown, as well as obscure ones like Aggressor of Dark combat or world Heroes.

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The rumor which appeared in a Japanese in a series of Images (Seen here), also adds that the game will feature cell shaded graphics similar to guilty Gear Xrd, or the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z. From the story side, it seem SNK is trying to come up with a coherent story, sojething that the first game lacked. In this, rumored, sequel, a mysterious character is trying to gather powers from all the famous SNK characters throughout history, and so warriors from different times and locations will gather to fight this unknown force.

The leak also reveals the majority of the cast, which is split in to teams of 2,based on character histories or SNK games. these include:

Yuki – Ai (From the first Game)

Kyo Kusanagi – Iori Yagami (KOF series)

Terry Bogard – Rock Howard (Fatal fury)

Andy Bogard – Mai shiranui (Fatal fury)

Geese Howard – Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal fury)

Mr Karate 2 – Robert Garcia (Art Of Fighting)

Mr Big – John Crawley (Art Of Fighting)

Haohmaru – Kibagami Genjuro (Samurai shodown)

Nakoruru – Rimururu (Samurai shodown)

Kaede – Moriya Minaka (The Last Blade)

Marco rossi – Fio (Metal Slug)

Sho Hayate – Kim Sue (Kizuna Encounter)

Fuuma – Hanzo (world Heroes)

Ralf Jones – Clark Still (Ikari Warriors and KOF)

Athena Asamiya – Sie Kensou (Psycho soldiers  and KOF)

Kusanagi Joe – Kisarah Westfield (Aggressors of Dark Kombat)

Bosses Include: Goodman – Mizuchi – Neo Dio among others

The leak also briefly mention that certain characters can transform mid battle. Examples were given for Iori turning into Orochi Iori, Nakroruru to Rera and Geese to his nightmare version. With this brief gameplay info and mention of cell shaded graphics it is hard to not see that SNK is trying to go after the fans of the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z which is not a bad thing.

Are you excited about the potential Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2? If so let us know what you would be looking forward to.

Source: Original Japanese Leak  via SRK

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Nabil, AKA Strugler, is an old time fan of the fighting games genre. Born in the early 80’s Strugler got to experience the rise (and fall) of the Arcade scene, and learned the hard way to never mash buttons in order to win the last third round of a Street Fighter II match.

  • samirerre

    That would be a Whack! ,NEOGEO BC2.
    While SNK DOSE need’s it’s practice in 3D,Going cell shaded isnt really thiere style.
    But i think it’s a good idea to do NGBC2.

  • Ionutz Fulger

    This would be great, but I have to say, I would prefere it in the animation style of KOF XIII

    • KOFworld

      I think it is pretty much a given now that the kofXIII type sprites are a thing of the past. I think cell shaded graphics are the best compromise right now.

      • Ninja Master’s, Ragnagard, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer, Savage reign, Fighters History and Breakers. Sengoku series, Ninja Commando, Ninja Combat and Top Hunter: Roddy and Cathy.

  • Thor Mjolnirs

    PC or bust.

    • KOFworld

      PC at the same time as console with crossplay or bust 🙂

      • Thor Mjolnirs

        That’ll do.

  • Brent Taylor


  • Hype !!!!

  • David Curry

    But a NBC sequel would be great.

  • Tonraq Rules

    Did they team up with Arc System Works or is it SNK only?

  • JohnMc

    I’m happy that they’re finally working on a non-KOF game, but I’m disappointed that its another cross over game. I was hoping for another AOF of FF.

  • Ritsuka66

    Neo Geo Battle Coliseum: Most underrated game from SNK in the last years.