Samurai Shodown PS4

      With the return of SNK to the fighting game fold and the relative success of The King of Fighters it’s only a matter of time before we see the highly anticipated return of the fighting game title, Samurai Shodown. In fact we have heard from various sources that a series revival is due sometimes soon. Back in the day, Samurai Shodown was another big hit next to the King of Fighters and Garou: Mark of the Wolves, when SNK was just kind of…Vomiting out fighting game titles left and right, and with a model for Nakoruru (Eugh) in the King of Fighters XIV already, it seems like a very real possibility that a Samurai Showdown game is on the horizon, so what a missed opportunity it would be to not talk about the things that we want such a game to have.

5. 3D Models and 2D Gameplay

The era of sprites has kind of gone out the window, hasn’t it? Also Nakoruru’s 2D model is fairly well made, and given the fact that letting it go to waste would be something of a crime, it would serve the next Samurai Shodown well to be 2.5D. It is important that SNK does it’s best to try and keep up with the modern fighting games it competes with, and since they’ve gone on record to say that making sprites is both expensive and time consuming, and they’d have to make new ones to match the graphic fidelity of the console(s) the game is going to be on, it seems like trying to go the whole sprite route might not end with a net gain for the company. SNK should take Dragon Ball FighterZ as a source of inspiration as it blends the anime and 3d aspect quite well. And if the recent rumor about Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2 is true, then it is fair to Sair that Cell shaded anime graphics might soon be a staple of SNK Games.

4. A Good Roster Size

Counting is Hard!

Samurai Shodown V had 24 characters and a hidden character (Poppy). Twenty five characters is nothing to scoff at and looking at how many characters they put into the King of Fighters XIV (So far) they clearly have no issue putting large amounts of characters into their game. I wasn’t going to sit here and say that they should have fifty characters in it but it’s unlikely that people will complain about about a twenty five character roster. Twenty five is also a good number because it means that they can easily shove multiple different playstyles in the game, without overloading any single character to the point of being ridiculously powerful, something that has happened in fighting games before. It’s also leads to another point I’m going to make very soon.

3. Ensure Some Semblance of Balance

A big complain about the Samurai Shodown series was its balance, or lack thereof. These days, unless your game is named “Marvel” some form of balance is a must. The recent patch support behind The King of Fighters XIV shows that SNK is willing to pursue balance in the most healthy way possible for fighting games. What I mean by that is that they’re willing to buff to scale, as opposed to nerfing, buffing is the best way to handle fighting games, regardless of your opinion on the matter, and it would appear that they have taken that fact to heart. Here’s hoping a Samurai Showdown would follow the same trend.

2. Bloody Sword Battle and Finishers 

Image result for samurai shodown 5 special fatalityDo you remember playing the first two Samurai Shodown games and being surprised by your opponent getting, literally, torn into 2 pieces by your final blow? Samurai Shodown definitely had its own share of violence. The series took it up a notch in Samurai Shodown 5 special with character specific fatalities that were really welcomed by fans. We hope for this next iteration to bring back these finishers and go the extra mile of giving each character more options on how to end the battle

1. Dedicated Support

We need to see something like this.

I doubt this is something that SNK will have trouble with, as I mentioned already, they’ve shown that they’re willing to put their all into balancing the King of Fighters, but it’s important that they don’t let Samurai Showdown be a game they leave as a backburner side project. It’s going to have it’s own playerbase as well as crossover from KOF, they need to ensure that they treat it with all the support it deserves. Balance Patches, Bugfixes and more all need to be available and quickly administered to the game in the event that it’s necessary.

That’s it for our list, what do you hope to see from a new Samurai Shodown? Let us know in the comments and for more on Samurai Showdown, make sure to follow us @FGCNow

  • BZ Choy

    “Samurai Showdown had 24 characters and a hidden character (Poppy).”

    Pretty sure you meant to say SamSho 5 and just forgot the “5”. But then you proceeded to put a picture of SamSho 5 Special instead. You know they are two different games, right?

    “A big complain about Samurai Showdown V was its balance, or lack thereof.”

    Yeah, and that’s why people play 5sp instead, one of the most (if not THE most) balanced game in the series. So there’s no need to worry about balance.

    “I can’t even remember what the songs in the King of Fighters are called, and it would be a waste for Samurai Showdown to go down that same route.”

    Well first, KOF has plenty of memorable songs in its catalogue. “Esaka?” (one of the most remixed song in the series), “Arashi no Saxophone 2”, “Inner Shade”, “Dear Falling Angel”, “Bloody”, “Fairy”, “Trash Head”, “KD-0084”, etc.

    Second, SamSho does have some memorable themes like Nakoruru’s, but for the most part, most of their soundtracks are moody or orchestral. It’d be nice to have more catchy songs, but atmosphere is a pretty big thing in SamSho. This is sort of what defines the series.

    Well, that and big damage. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s one of the reason why SamSho Tenka (a.k.a 6) was lackluster. We want big-ass slashes that fucking hurt! And chain combos were a mistake.

  • Mike

    If they do make another Samurai Showdown, let’s hope they make the graphics more like SFV because as it stands, the graphics in KOF 14 are not that great. They look and feel as though you are playing with puppets…

    • BZ Choy

      SF5 characters look like they’re made of Play-Doh though so it’s not really better. What they should do is mimic the ink artworks of the old games and just hope for the best. But they shouldn’t forget to not prioritize graphics over gameplay or it’d be SamSho 3 all over again and that’s what killed the series.

      • Mike

        No, the SF5 characters look closer to their 2d counterparts, while the KOF 14 characters look like plain old lifeless, mannequin shit. Especially Athena. Oh my god does the take the fucking cake! She looks like one of those bobble head dolls that the head broke off and someone super glued it back on. The character models are terrible in look and movement.

        If Samurai Showdown is gonna look like KOF 14, I hope to never see it…

        • BZ Choy

          Are we gonna forget about Ken and Ibuki?
          In any case, if the new SamSho is gonna look like SF5 or KOF14, I’d still pick it up as long as it plays well.

          • Mike

            Nope, not forgetting about Men and Ibuki, but the characters in KOF 14 just look much worse.

            To be honest, I was never a fan of KOG and SF going 3d. They could have done the games like Guilty Gear. Cap com saying that they’ve done all there is to do with 2d games and SNK talking about it taking years to draw everything is more like a cop out. All they want is the easy way out, and that sucks. Because Capcom and SNK both had some really talented artist.

          • BZ Choy

            It does sound plausible. Consider this: KOF13, a game with highres sprites (not even HD), only had 36 characters with barebone movesets (and EX moves trying to cover it up). And more than half of the assets come from KOF12, a game that took 3-4 years to do. Did they make a profit out of KOF13? I doubt it, considering the game’s director quit shortly after. Then, after the DLCs, we didn’t hear from the game until it was released on Steam. Not even balance or netcode patches.

            Anyway, KOF14 characters look fine (and some that look really good) and Ibuki looks way worse than Athena.

          • Mike

            Lil. I’m sorry, but there is no way in hell that Ibuki looks way worse than Athena. That’s actually impossible.

            I’m a huge SNK fan and have been ever since the Neo Geo. I just can’t accept half assed games from my favorite arcade/fighting game company.