SNK’ upcoming fighter, SNK Heroines Tag Battle Frenzy, was just announced few hours ago, with very limited details. Looking at the trailer, it does show that the game offers a HUGE selection of character optimization, from costumes to accessories. But that is not all, thanks to MMcafe we have a fresh batch of info about the upcoming fighter, both in terms of story setting, game mechanics, and more. Check out the full details below:

– The game takes place in a gorgeous but mysterious mansion. Heroines abducted to the mansion pair up to participate in this banquet of battles. (Note: As fans may notice, this seems to be a take on the weekly manga series on SNK’s official site)

– The character fighting in the front of the screen is called the attacker, and the character on standby in the background is called the supporter and can help out the attacker by using various items to assist and also interfere with the opponent. The items can be earned by fulfilling certain conditions during the match.

– The opponent can only be knocked out with a “Dream Finish” move.

– Characters can be customised with costumes, accessories, voices, etc that can be redeemed with in-game points. The game lets you take screenshots and you can chose poses for your character, direction of glance, etc, as well pick from a selection of backgrounds and stamps to decorate your screenshots.

– Moves can be executed by just a press of a button, or direction + button, allowing easy control for players of all levels.

Are you excited for SNK Heroines? Let us know in the comments section below! But before you can check these gorgeous images showing the game’s art:


  • samirerre

    You should make a Forum or a Discussion area so fan’s can gather and discuss things out.

    • KOFworld

      Thinking abt ite. But for now it will be more costs that what we already have, as you need a good platform and someone to moderate, otherwise it will quickly turn into a spam fest.
      I think forums are dying, with Reddit taking their place. I might be wrong. I will run a survey in the near future and see if there is an overwhelming demand for it that i would do it.

      • samirerre

        The SNK/KOF communities are small yet very deddicated and they are spread all across the globe, yet they are not as orgenized as you.
        So with small and smart(and critical) decision’s you can easily gather 500+ user’s and start to build a big center that can reach all the way as a far as east asia.

        The potential for it here is high becouse your are a very active and passionate person and people easily take notice of that.
        I would gladly sub to you and im sure many more along the line.

  • JohnMc

    Obvious cash grab is obvious.