The King Of Fighters Conference is currently happening in Beijing, and what other way to start the KOF celebration day than by announcingĀ The King Of Fighters XIV PC Steam Version.

What is even more surprising is that the KOF14 PC version will haveĀ a closed Beta test for this month. People who pre-purchase the game will automatically be part of the Beta

The King Of Fighters XIV was released last summer exclusively for the PS4. The game then saw a recent release on the arcades but there was never a mention of the title coming to the PC. Releasing KOF14 on the PC will sure please the masses and will have an effect on growing the community size.

There are no further details been revealed at this point, and whether The King Of Fighters XIV PC version will have cross play with the PS4 version remains to be seen.

This is just the beginning for what appears to be a big KOF day. So make sure to follow us on twitter @FGCnow to stay up to date on all things KOF.