Following Oswald’s reveal as an upcoming DLC character for the King Of Fighters XIV, SNK has announced today that the second additional fighter to join the massive roster is none other that Heidern. check out this reveal trailer below:

Heidern is the leader of the Ikari Warriors, a group of mercenaries that operates under the Interpol. His ever-expanding team includes Ralf, Clark, Leona, Whip, Seth, Ramon, and Vanessa. Heirdern made his first debut back in 1994 in KOF94, where, along with Ralf and Clark, was investigating the tournament’s mysterious host “R”. Heidern will make few more playable appearances, such as in KOF95 and 98.

Heidern joins Oswald as part of a 4 DLC character package that is set to be released this coming April. The remaining two characters are rumored as Blue Mary, and new comer Najd.