If you can’t wait to see how Kula Summer Dress DLC Costume will look like, then we have some good news for you. SNK released a video showing the costume and how it’s gonna look in the game. Also, the release date has been confirmed. You will be able to get your hands on it on April 12th. Check out the video for Kula Summer Dress DLC Costume below, courtesy of Gatoray.

April has been a good month for anyone who like the King of Fighters XIV. SNK really rolled their sleeves up and made sure game is fresh with tons of content. A massive update released on April 5th brought 4 new DLC characters: Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa, and Rock. They are available for $5.99 each, or you can save some money and buy the bundle that will cost you $19.99 ($17.99 for Playstation Plus member). On top of that, two free DLC stages “Transcontinental Railroad” and “City Circuit” come as a part of the package. Update also bring new BGM track and full Roster re-balance.

Taking all this in consideration, you know everyone who loves the game will enjoy it even more. Of course, this shouldn’t be the end of surprises, since there are more DLC costumes coming in the future.