If you thought there will be no more new content for KOF XIV, you will be glad to know you are wrong. The final 2 new The King of Fighters XIV DLC Costumes have been released today. At the KOF World Championship, we learned that there will be 5 DLC costumes coming. The Classic Iori & Kyo were already released while the Kula Diamond Sundress, Meitenkun Pajamas, Sylvie Little Red Riding Hood and Angel Diabla DLC costumes will be available today. In case you want to check them out in-game, SNK has released trailer for all of them. You can check them below.

Kula Diamond Sundress

Meitenkun Pajamas

Sylvie Little Red Riding Hood

Angel Diabla

These The King of Fighters XIV DLC Costumes could be viewed as an icing on the cake. On April the 5th, massive KOF XIV was released bringing tons of new content. First, 4 new DLC characters were made available: Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa, and Rock. Also two free DLC stages “Transcontinental Railroad” and “City Circuit” , new BGM tracks and full roster re-balance come as a part of the package. What else can a fan ask for?

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