kof a new beginning manga

What a great time to be a KOF fan. While we are enjoying the final parts of the excellent The King Of Fighters Destiny anime, and enjoying the KOF games online from the comforts of our home, SNK surprised us by announcing that a new The King Of Fighters Manga will start distribution in Japan very soon.

The King Of Fighters: A New Beginning, is a new ongoing Manga, written by Azuma Kyotaro, that will release monthly on the “Monthly Shōnen Sirius” magazine. Not much is known about the manga expect that it will be set around The King Of Fighters XIV game with the first issue being published on January 1st 218.

It is worth nothing that SNK China had already released a short Manga perquel to the KOFXIV, that we at KOFworld are currently finish scanlating

  • JohnMc

    How will this shot all over Ryo.

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    please i want to see andy bogard and mai shiranui get married