kof14 dlc characters released

Yes, we know that plenty of The King of Fighters XIV DLC Characters was added in the recent times, but you can never have enough, right? Well, it looks like that’s the SNK’s moto. As reported by Shoryuken Steam datamining site SteamDB and dataminer X Kira have discovered some neat things that might hint at new characters.

SteamDB listed handful of DLC items that should appear in the game, but they are still not identified. Some may think those will be new costumes or stages, but X Kira’s digging through the game’s code revealed those DLC items could be something more important. Apparently we may see two waves of DLC characters coming in the future. When it comes to the identity of possible The King of Fighters XIV DLC Characters, some of them could be Oswald, Jubei Yamada, Heidern, Blue Mary, Shingo Yabuki, Hinako, and Sissel. You can read in detail about the discoveries on The King of Fighters XIV Community. Note however that these are only speculations and we will have to wait official confirmation to see if any of this is true.

We remind you that the The King of Fighters XIV is now officially available via Steam, so now the PC players can also enjoy the game. You can opt between Standard and Deluxe edition.