At the conclusion of the EVO Japan 2018, SNK has confirmed that we are getting three more DLc characters, besides Oswald, for a global launch of April 2018. While the company chose to not reveal the identity of these fighters, they still released a silhouettes image to give fans something to gossip about. check out the silhouettes image below:

Since the reveal of the above image, fans have gone crazy with rumors and speculation on the identity of these characters. Let’s look at couple of them, from the zany to the most probable:

Yeah… Probably not!


This one however is is the most probable, and is only missing the Saudi fighter, Najd, that SNK has announced few months back.

The above image is also very consistent with the previous leak by X-kira, so at this point we can be almost certain that the remaining DLc characters are Heidern, Blue Mary, and of course Najd.

What do you guys think? are you excited about the potential these new fighters will bring to the game? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • But what about the “3.0” update? Was nothing new announced regarding it yet?

    • KOFworld

      Nothing Official, just fans who were able to find out few balance changes for some characters. But if we were expecting graphical updates or major changes to the UI a la Street Fighter v arcade Edition you will be disappointed. Ver 3.0 basically is 4 extra DLC character, 1 new stage, and balance update.