There are plenty of things we can be looking forward to regarding the King of Fighters XIV. SNK has been working tirelessly to get out a lot of new DLC content for the fans, and their efforts are shaping up in new DLC characters, costumes and stages. Today, we got a chance to check out the new King of Fighters XIV DLC stages “Transcontinental Railroad” and “City Circuit”. The both stages will be a part of the new 2.00 update that will surface on April 5th. Best thing of all is that the both stages will be completely free. Check out the trailer for them below.

While the stages will be free, the new DLC characters won’t. As previously announced, the players will have an option to purchase 4 DLC characters on April 5th: Whip, Yamazaki, Vanessa, and Rock Howard for $5.99 each. When it comes to the 2.00 update, SNK revealed that it includes a full roster balance patch. Still there are no details about the way the balance patch will affect the game. Other changes also include new BGM tracks and Training mode improvements.

We will have to wait until April 5th to get full details, and until then, you can enjoy watching the trailer for new King of Fighters XIV DLC stages.