Before going any forward make sure to have a big grain of salt close to you to take with this rumor.

SNK has announced that this spring will see the re-relase of KOF97 with The King Of Fighters ’97 Global match for PS4, Vita and Steam. The teaser trailer that came with the announcement did not reveal any inof nor showed any in-game footage. We automatically assumed that the game will offer online play (hence the global match subtitle) but nothing else, especially that SNK has been known for not messing with their old sprites for console games, with the exception of the awesome KOF94 rebout (I love that game and still play it on PS2).

Well, that might be changing! If a rumor stated by gamersky is to be believed,┬áThe King Of Fighters ’97 Global Match is said to offer an HD remaster of the old title. No sources were stated in the gamersky article, hence why that giant grain of salt i mentioned earlier should come in handy right about now.

It is worth mentioning that SNK has previously released an HD port of KOF97 in 2015 for mobile phones in China, with very good results. You can see a gameplay video of the title below:

Are excited ofr the potential of an HD remaster of KOF97? Let us know in the comments section below. The King Of Fighters ’97 Global Match will be released on PS4, PS Vita, and PC via steam in Spring 2018. Expect more info about the port in the coming weeks.

Special thanks to site’s friend Meansary for helping with the article translation.

  • samirerre

    I would kill for a true HD KOF 98/02/xi.
    But it’s not gonna happen i know…sigh

    • KOFworld

      Lets hope first that this is an hd remaster. Because if that is the case, it means at least that snk is coming to their senses, and that an HD 98/02UM is not in the realm of impossibility any more.
      Knowing SNK though, this is probably a traight up 20 years old port with online play, something that you could play on fightcade for the past 7 years!

  • Hirridok

    hnnng rip switch users… again.

    why ps vita tho?

  • JohnMc

    The should fix the CPU/AI to be more beginner friendly for these classic releases. Having ridiculously hard characters on the easiest setting will turn off any potential new fans and customers.