Dear KOF fans,

While we are all excited that we have a new ongoing KOF manga, and we are happy, as  a website, to provide you with an English translation of each chapter, we need to remember that without our support as fans and readers this manga will not last long.

Since its launched on January 1st, we have been bring you new KOF: A New Beginning Manga chapter in English few days BEFORE the official release of the same chapter in Japanese. See, the magazine version of the manga is released one week in advance before the free version on the website, and some fans scan these edition and put it online. While this makes our readers and KOf fans happy, it negativelly affect the creators of this manga, and the manga itself. For this reason, going forward, we will only release English translated chapters 24 hours after their official Japanese release on

We have removed the translated Chapter 3 from KOFworld, and we will have it online again, 24 hours after its release on the official Japanese page.

We apologize if this is a let down to some of you but let us think about the greater picture.

Also look forward to a new issue of KOf Zillion before the end of the week.

Thank you for understanding