The King Of Fighters Destiny finished its first season last week, with a bang. The season finale introduced both Iori and Goentiz, who both play an integral part of the game lore. If you enjoyed the series then you will be very happy to know that the King Of Fighters Destiny Animated series was both nominated and won the “The annual popular game animation award” in China.

Accepting the award was the chairman of SNK corporation, Mr Ge Zhihui, who revealed some massive production and viewing numbers as well as revealed the future of SNK in entertainment.

Let’s start with KOF destiny, the series launched August 3, 2017. SNK used a production team of up to 200 people. Its animation script reached 800,000 words and its internal draft was reviewed more than 200 times. To have super realistic painting style 3D, the modelers made more than 400 characters. In addition, there are nearly 100 Chinese and Japanese voice actor participation.

That is some massive production work, but what about viewing numbers? According to SNK, The King Of Fighters Destiny anime series has pulled, so far, more than 800 million views. Which is an impressive number to say the least.

Using this joyful opportunity, SNK chairman, Mr Ge Zhihui, revealed that the studio is hard at work on Season 2 of the anime series. Mr Zhu also revealed that, on top of KOF Destiny they are working on more KOF and SNK animations, movies and live action projects. He then specifically mentions Samurai Shodown as an IP that they are actively working on. This definitely confirms our latest report that the King Of Fighters Destiny is getting two extra seasons and an animated movie.

The ceremony’s last part focused on SNK IPs and their importance worldwide, which SNK is looking capitalize on. One such aspects is the mobile gaming world. With the excellent King Of Fighters Destiny mobile game having its final Closed Beta, and with last week’s launch of the King Of Fighters world MMORPG, it is clear that mobile has become a huge part of SNK’s plan. Nevertheless, SNK’s own IP Business Division manager, Wang Shaogu, took to the stage to reveal that the company is also focusing on bringing more console games, mobile apps, anime, and comics, to the entire world and not just to china.

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source: Veryol

Special thanks to our Translator Jovito Ho for the article translation.

  • CoolGuyJ

    I really enjoyed season 1, and it’s great to hear they are already working on season 2 (hyped for the Sacred Treasures team!). I really do hope that they take the criticisms to heart and address them in seasons 2 and beyond.

  • Orochi God Eater

    Good to hear that KoF Destiny did well reception and viewership wise. Here’s to better animation and looking forward to S2.

  • Kim Rankim

    in…………… China