SNK and Idragons have released the latest episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny, Episode 10: Benimaru Side Story. Much like the Geese side story, this chapter looks at the backstory of one character, Benimaru Nikaido, and presented it in lightly animated artwork. Was this side story as enjoyable and character driven like the Geese one? Find out in our review after watching the episode below:

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 10: Benimaru Side Story follows Benimaru as he begs Kyo for a re-match before mysterious men in black suddenly surround them. It is implied that Kyo was the only one who was able to beat Benimaru. Fans of the series will know that according to the game’s story canon, Kyo fought and beaten Benimaru at the finals of the Japan National fighting tournament. And while this would have been a better sory for this episode, SNK chose to focus on Benimaru following Kyo aimlessly until they get surrounded by some dudes which forces them to work together and beat them to a pulp. That was pretty much the whole plot. We also get to to know that Kyo has a girlfriend, which implies that Yuki might appear in the series in the future.

This was easily the weakest and shortest episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny. The plot is weak nonsensical and really does not add anything to the story. The entire episode is 4 min long and SNK decided to cut an interview that has aired with the episode in both China and Japan. The interview focused on the history of the franchise and talks about the future of KOF in Anime and game story. It is also worth noting the series is now 2 episodes ahead in both China and Japan.

What did you think of The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 10: Benimaru Side Story? Let us know in the comments section below.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 10: Benimaru Side Story
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    Too short and a little disappointing in a lot of ways, quite neat to see my favorite character Kyo, and Benimaru interact in a cool fashion, this all together would of just fit better as a short “special” clip in any one of the games gallery sections,