Another Thursday means a brand new episode of the King Of Fighters Destiny. Episode 14, titled appropriately”Fatal Fury” has been released online. Watch it below, then read our review:

Following on the excellent last 2 episodes, The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 14 follows Terry as he goes to save Angelina from the Geese Tower. Of course this was a trap, and soon enough Geese’s minions were ready(or not) for him. A cool hallway fight ensues with Andy and Joe helping out. The action was well done, and really fits each of these character’s video game history.

The highlight of the episode of course was Terry vs Geese. the first part of this glorious battle we were shown was truly epic. References to fatal fury games were shown throughout the fight, wether it is the game’s moves or the amazing thrown out to the Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 cover, we really could not get enough of this battle. I might nitpick a bit and say that Geese looked quite overpowered, which will make it interesting to see how Terry will overtake the king of South town.

Next week’s episode is, unfortunately, a filler one that will show some history between Terry and Angelina as kids. While i am not a fan of the filler episodes, especially after the weak Benimaru one, it is a a bit appropriate to show a bit more about Angelina since there are some high chances she will not make it alive form that rooftop.

What did you think of The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 14? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    The Angelina episode is necessary to emphatize with Terry and understand his pain and root for him, poor girl was never happy.
    I want Terry gives Geese the beating of his life. If end with just 1 move will be kinda anti-climatic.

    • JohnMc

      It definitely is necessary so we can feel sorry for her when she obviously dies [I’m guessing from throwing herself in front of Geese’s orochi powered fireball] and feel for Terry over losing her. My only gripe is that I wished that they had placed the episode before the Terry vs Geese episodes so it doesn’t disrupt the flow. They have to work on their placement of these side stories if they do more after this.