This week’s episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny has been released. episode 15 is a side story chapter focusing on Angelina, and unlike the pointless Benimaru side story’s Angelina’s chapter was on par with Geese’s one. Watch the episode below then read our review further down:

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 15: Angelina Side Story, gives us a good backstory of Geese’s adoptive daughter and Terry’ love interest. Back in a previous chapter we were shown that Terry and Angelina knew each other when they were kids, a revelation that made not much sense since they do not seem to recognize each other 10 years later. Thankfully today’s chapter answers that elegantly. Angelina was a street kid abused by some gang members and pushed into thievery when she befriended Terry. While she knew his name, Terry never had a chance to properly hear Angelina’s during their brief friendship, as the young wolf had to leave America in order to find Tung Fu Rue, his father’s master. The two little twist at the end where we are shown that Angelina does in fact recognize Terry from her youth as well as the fact that she saved his life 10 years ago without him knowing were heart warming moments that will definitely play in the next episode.

What did you think of Aneglina’s side story? Let us know in the comments section below!

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 15: Angelina Side Story
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  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    Poor Angelina, it deserves to be happy, Damn SNK.

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    Chapter 16 leaked.

    • JohnMc

      Called it. i knew she would thrown herself infront of the blast [in fairness I’m sure everybody saw that coming]. They should have just made this a Fatal Fury:Legend of the Hungry Wolf remake if they were going to remake it so much.

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez
    • JohnMc

      To quote Huey Louis and the News. That’s the power of love.