SNK has released The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 21 online. The latest chapter, titled “Generator”, Athena senses the energy source of the evil power and uses her telepathy to inform Kyo, who, with his teammates find a generator which has a black crystal to generate the evil power and attempt to destroy it. However, Ryo and Robert have run berserk as well and stand in their way.

Watch the full episode below:

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 21 feels like the beginning of the end, as all the pieces have fell into place for the heroes to finally be able to confront Rugal himself. I for one was glad the whole labyrinth subplot was resolved as it did drag a bit, and did not make a lot of sense. The fight between Ryo, Robert and the hero team was a blast. Seeing all the game’s moves faithfully reproduced was a delight. Fans of Ryo and Robert also got to see their heroes shine, even though they were brainwashed. Definitely a great episode and one that sets the final fight nicely.