The official Youtube page of SNK has just added The King Of Fighters Destiny episode 22. titled “R”, Ep 22 sees our Fighters released from the evil mindcontrol by breaking the generator. Kyo and Terry head to the bridge in order to put an end to thie whole thing. Rugal finally appears in their way and now the story of the KOF goes to the end…!

Watch the full episode below, then read our review:

With The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 22 “R”, we definitely feel that we are at the end of the season, with all the story points converging to this moment. Believing that all the answers would be found at the bridge of the ship, Kyo and Terry head out to see who is behind the ordeal. We also get to see what Rugal’s plan was all along, and it seems he was tasked by someone (We bet its Goenitz) to use the orb and absorb the fighting power of the participants. Rugal on the other hand want to se the gather power on himself to unleash the Orochi blood in his veins. Fans of the KOF series would probably tell you that this falls inline with the games story as it was Goentiz who gave Rugal his power, by infusing hi with a tiny bit of Orochi Blood to give him the taste of true power and be able to fulfill his task.

Before the final battle begins, The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 22 does a great job of paying tribute to the KOF94 game by showing rugal having his fighters statues. In the game rugal’s goal was to make the winners of the tournament into collectible statues, this was before the franchise had a clear story and before the introduction of the orochi storyline. As the battle starts we get some pretty awesome power showcase from Rugal, with his Reppukens, Kaiser Waves, and dark barriers. The battle is only beginning as it seems episode 23 will add the Heidern to the fight. So who will defeat Rugal? We will find out pretty soon i guess.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 22 was definitely one of the best episodes of this very good anime series. The character animation is still as solid as ever. With the season reaching its climax pretty soon, let’s hope we hear some news of a second season.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 22 "R"
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