Athena vs Joe

Warning: Full Episode 11 Spoilers Ahead

while we have to wait until next week for episode 10, The King Of Fighters Episode 11 has already aired in China yesterday. This episode, as i previously mentioned, marks the beginning of the first KOF tournament, which is an adaptation of KOF94. so how did all the battles go? Unfortunately not so well.

The problem is we don’t get to know much of the tournament as most of the first round of matches take place off screen. And the matches we saw, which is Athena vs Joe Higashi, and Terry vs Kensou, are only about 20 seconds long, and in some cases they don’t even show the victor. There is an entire Art of Fighting team vs the Women fighters team which happens fully off screen and we only  get to see the last moment as Mai is defeating Ryo. Takuma does not even appear, and we do not know who fought who.

I really do not understand the logic behind this decision, especially how the whole tournament has been hinted at and built upon. This could be due to time constraint as the whole series feels like a long movie split into episodes. Regardless this might be very disappointing ot fans who wanted to see their favorite character battling out on screen.

On a positive note, Rock Howard made a brief cameo foreshadowing his future in the series , in fun bonding scene with Terry Bogard.

The King Of Fighters Episode 11, will air with English subtitles on October 19th.

Edit: someone has leaked the entire epiosde on youtube. But i am not sure how long it will stay up:

  • JohnMc

    In what reality can Mai beat Ryo? So the whole plotline of Yuri earning Ryo’s respect as a fighter is dropped. They might as well have just let Ryo and Robert win then.

  • samirerre

    It’s unbelivable how the entire premise of the show was this big tournament.
    Yet big gap’s from the tournamet were happening offscreen.

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    Mai beating Ryo WTF!!!!
    She can’t even beat Andy.

    • KOFworld

      I know right!!! There seems to be no login behind these fights.

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    KOF Episode 12 is upload by Same Guy.

  • Natures Blessing

    Horrible series, if any KOF fan were to ask if this is worth watching i’d point them to the opposite direction and never look at this mess.

  • God, what are they doing with the Art of Fighting characters? from Robert acting like a goofy idiot to now Mai beating Ryo??? really????!!!!!