The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 16 titled “Final Round” has been released and it might be the best one yet. Watch it below then come back for our review:

What an episode! Fans were treated today to an epic conclusion to the gruesome Terry vs Geese fight. But before that, Andy and Joe joined the battle and gave us old Fatal Fury fans goosebumps as it reminded us with the first game in the series back in 1992. While Geese easily took down Andy and Joe, it was fun to see some of their moves on the screen, like the Andy’s Hishoken or Joe’s Hurricane Upper. As many of us expected Angelina met her untimely fate at the hand of Geese, which pushed Terry beyond his limit, overcoming Geese and causing him to fall from the roof, a la Fatal Fury 1 ending. On the KOF tournament side, Rugal has seemingly invited the fighters to a cruise dinner, and from next week’s episode preview it seems things will go sour pretty quickly.

In my humble opinion, The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 16: “Final Round” was in the top 2 best episodes of the series. The action was great, there was drama, action and humor, all blended in a perfect combination. If i had a nitpick it will definitely be the move Terry used to defeat Geese. As a Fatal Fury fan i had hoped the lone wolf to use the power Geyser move and not a “Burn Knuckle” to take out his arch enemy. But knowing the Fatal Fury games, i am pretty sure that Geese is alive, as SNK has hinted that they might use this series to spawn a Fatal fury anime from it.

What did you guys of this episode? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • JohnMc

    They better do Ryo justice next episode to make up for episode 11.