The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 17, titled “Black Crystal”, is now online. In this episode a┬áparty is held on a cruise ship and the fighters gather to relax before the final round. However, Rugal has set a trap for them. Meanwhile, Kyo and his friends sneak out of the tournament venue and bear witness to the power of the black crystal. Watch it below:

  • JohnMc

    This series has really been one huge middle finger to AOF fans. First they don’t include Takuma in the series properly due to plot convenience and now they had the nerve to say he was there and lost to the Women’s team. Plus Ryo has been treated like a joke this whole time. No SNK Screw you.

    • samirerre

      This show was done by the Chinese who made the Mobile Game with the same name,Not SNK.

      • KOFworld

        The story is written by SNK staff, and it is animated by Idragons, a chinese animation company that has nothing to do with the game except for the intro.