The 18th episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny anime series has been released by SNK on YouTube. In this episode, titled “Escape”,¬†Athena and her teammates battle Kim Team who have turned violent due to the black crystals, while also trying to expose the secret of the Crystals with her Psychic Power. Meanwhile, Kyo attempts to escape from their cell with Benimaru and Daimon who came to their senses, springing a new trap in the process!

You can watch the full episode below then read our review.

The King Of Fighters Destiny episode 18 “Escape” is a direct continuation of what happened in the previous episode as all the fighters were drugged and kidnapped by Rugal’s team. Not much happens during today’s chapter except for part of the fight between Kim’s Team and the Psycho Soldiers. I think this episode, while not bad, it really suffers for not airing with another episode, just because it feels way too short to have an impact on the series plot. I still believe that the short length of these episodes really hurts the series and prevents it for gaining the right momentum it deserves.

It is also now clear that the tournament has been pretty much cancelled, as there is now way the fighters will get back on time to finish the tournament especially knowing that the first season will end with episode 24.

What did you think of this episode? Ad what do you hope to see in the next few remaining chapters? Let us know in the comments section below.

The King Of Fighters Destiny episode 18 "Escape"
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  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    This is more Kof alike, is supossed to be a tournament where Gods, clones and other series of events appears, is ridiculous that tournaments still continue after this.