The 19th Episode of the King Of Fighters Destiny Animated series has now been released online by SNK. The episode mainly focuses on The Fatal Fury Team as they successfully infiltrates the cruise ship. However, while traversing the ship which has turned into a labyrinth, they are attacked by Mai and her teammates. Watch the full episode below:

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Nabil, AKA Strugler, is an old time fan of the fighting games genre. Born in the early 80's Strugler got to experience the rise (and fall) of the Arcade scene, and learned the hard way to never mash buttons in order to win the last third round of a Street Fighter II match.
  • JohnMc

    That running around the maze bit went on way too long. If they’re going to keep making such short episodes [assuming there is a follow up season to this based on KOF 95] then they need to either give us a good 20 or 30 minute episodes or get to the God damn point of the episodes.