Fans of the excellent The King Of Fighters Destiny CGI Anime felt a bit disappointed when SNK announced that there will be no new episode this week due to New Year holiday. Meaning we have to wait an extra week to see the fight between Rugal and our heroes. as if splitting the show into 7 minutes segment was not infuriating enough. Luckily, episode 23 has leaked online, since China gets these episodes one week in advance. You can watch the full episode in Japanese below:

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Nabil, AKA Strugler, is an old time fan of the fighting games genre. Born in the early 80's Strugler got to experience the rise (and fall) of the Arcade scene, and learned the hard way to never mash buttons in order to win the last third round of a Street Fighter II match.
  • CoolGuyJ

    Will you be covering the following games as well? These KOF games are either released only in China (which seems to be the case for KOF destiny game, since it was released mid-2017 in China) or have not been released at all yet

    * The King of Fighters Destiny (game based on the CG animated series) –

    * The King of Fighters: World (mobile MMORPG produced by SNK) –

    * The King of Fighters: All Star –

    Would love to get my hands on English translated version of the above games. Shame that isn’t the case though.