While we might have to wait for up to two weeks to see The King Of Fighters Destiny’s episode 24 with English subs, thanks to some fans from china, we can now watch the episode in Japanese at least. This episode marks the season (series?) finale, and ties up all the loose ends while introducing some fan favorite moments. Check it out below (You have to sit though a 2min ad of some random game in Chinese before the episode starts):

what did you think of the last battle?
Anyone else confused by that last shot??? Why did the series jump to XIV??? If anyone understands Japanese and know what Kyo says at the end please enlighten us.

  • JohnMc

    So Daimon, Ryo,Robert, Andy,Joe, Kim, Chang and Cho all died since they weren’t on the bridge [and the maze where they were last shown was the epicenter of the blast] and they weren’t shown on the boats? Or were IDragons too lazy to show them on the boats?

    • KOFworld

      Obviously they were in the boats, they showed 3 or 4 botas leaving into the sunset and everyone laughing. Yhey wouldnt laugh if some of them just perished right?

      • JohnMc

        The way IDragons has crapped on everyone not named Kyo and Terry I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

          Hey Terry was trashed by Rugal, but in the end he was concious and even taunts him, but Kyo beats Rugal with the Power of Friendship and Premonition.

          It was anticlimatic as hell (like Terry vs Geese, but Terry was not better fighter than Geese, that’s why he throw him from building) Kyo trashed Rugal with steroids when mins ago need the power of all combined. Are u serious?

          • JohnMc

            Terry Burnknuckled him off the Tower. It was made to homage the games. The problem with the “Boss fights” was that they built Geese and Rugal up so much that they had no idea how to satisfyingly resolve them. And yes Kyo was full on Mary-Sue in that battle that it was ridiculous. He unleashed his inner Twilight Sparkle and beat Rugal with the power of love and friendship. Despite his friends and family still being alive [Then again we never saw Daimon and the others who didn’t join the battle escape the ship or on the rescue boats.]