It’s Thursday, so that means a new The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode is out. Watch it below then read our review:

Episode 7, titled Memories, focuses on Terry Bogard and Angelina, the adoptive daughter of Geese Howard, as the lone wolf Terry rescues her from a Rape attempt fro one of Geese’s men. Tht particular scene dragged a bit which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The story, while a bit minimal compared to previous chapters, hints that Angelina and Terry used to be friends when they were kids. This is a bit of a throwback to the original Fatal Fury anime where Lilly McGuire occupied the role of Geese’s adoptive girl and Terry’s love. But i find it kind of strange that she did not recognize him at first glance, especially that he is basically wearing the same clothes 🙂

The episode also gave us another hint that Angelina is not happy where she is and is thinking to leave all behind. And if the 90’s Fatal fury Anime is any indication i would ask Terry to not get too attached to Geese’s step daughter.

The episode briefly then shift focused to the Japan team, as they are going through the pictures of the KOF participant as gathered by Benimaru. The latter focuses on Heidern which we learned has lost his family and eye to a mysterious figure (It is totally Rugal).

While quite short, The King OF Fighters Destiny Episode 7, still managed to give us some interesting plot details about Terry, Angelina, and Heidern. But if next episode preview is any indication, it sure seems that we are in for a treat, as we will meet almost all the tournament participants as they gather to sign their presence.  What did you think of The King OF Fighters Destiny Episode 7? Let us know in the comments section below.

The King OF Fighters Destiny Episode 7
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  • samirerre

    Great episode! well done.
    Also i just found out this website and i thinks its really cool.
    SNK really has to expand its properties like RIGHT NOW so our small comunities can have more
    to work with in terms of fandom.

    • KOFworld

      Glad you like it. We are working on making this a one stop source for KOF fans. thanks for stopping by.

  • The Owner

    Looking forward to what Kyo and Terry have to say to each other. It’s going to take some time to get used to Rugal’s new voice, as it sounds quite different from his previous iconic one.

  • Ionutz Fulger

    The rape scene was a little bit long and the actor that played Matt didn t make it batter!