kofd episode 9 review

Yesterday saw the release the ninth episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny. Titled Secret,  Episode 9 mostly followed Kyo and Terry as they infiltrated Geese tower. Their little adventure gave us a first look at the American Sports team getting brainwashed in front of a shadowy figure, that is totally Rugal, with all the red suit and stache glory!

Since the first episode, i have admired the writing of The King Of Fighters Destiny. Whether it is the plot or characters personalities, the staff behind the naime really have naieled it. Things however got a bit messy storywise. After Kyo and Terry engaged in a short but sweet fight, the two tried to flee unarmed Geese henchman, only to be rescued by Heidern.

The first plot issue i did not like was why are Terry and Kyo fleeing these no names goons, whom we have seen getting their ass kicked by pretty much everyone. It was also strange how Kyo and Terry were blocked by a mere Garage door, when they just shattered a pillar made of concrete few minutes ago. Another murky plot hole was the introduction of Heidern(who looks and act awesome i must say). The international mercenary had to drive Kyo and Terry to his compound that looked quite remote, only to tell them 2 sentences and then asks them to leave?!?!?

The episode then switches to Angelina, who in a pretty obvious homage to the first Fatal Fury anime, is asked to poison Terry. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Terry Bogard is about to drink the poisoned coke.

Besides these couple issues, i found myself really enjoying the overall episode, and glad we are learning more about the black crystals, Gesse’s partnership with “R” and Heidern’s motives. Hopefully this was a just a stumble and not a sign of the future of the series writing quality.

Next week’s episode seems to be a side story that will focus on how Kyo and Benimaru met for the first time. There is a also a hint that fan favorite Iori will make his debut. So what did you think of The King Of Fighters destiny episode 9? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Ionutz Fulger

    We could say that Geese s men had guns and even if Terry doged one bullet it is highly unprobably that he can do that easely. On the other hand I agree that Heidern could have told them the crystal plot on the spot. Still, this are minor details, the major problem remains the length of the episodes. At the end I must say it, again and again, I hate the poison subplot!