The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile Game entered its final closed beta yesterday. I was fortunate enough to be able to get into the beta to see how far the game has changed for its previous beta few months ago.

As you expect the KOF Destiny mobile is a free to play game. But unlike most cash grabbing games that take a license from a known ip to run it through the ground, KOF Destiny is a well taught, well crafted complete gaming experience. The King OF Fighters Destiny is a beat’em up game. Think of Final Fight or Cadillac and Dinosaurs, now take these classic games and inject them with the most powerful hyper steroid and you get this game. You control your character through multiple stages beating thugs senseless. Control wise a virtual joystick is used to move your character on the screen and virtual buttons are used for special moves and supers.

The story of the game takes the anime series of the same name and flesh it out adding some intriguing details, and frankly, made the anime story even better.

The first thing that jumps at you when you play the game is the gorgeous art and beautifully drawn 2d Sprites. The game really is stunning, and the cut-scenes now have subtle animations that add a lot of life and flavor to the game.

Compared to the Closed Beta 2, the latest beta offers tons of new additions. For starters, there are more story chapters divided into story books, Each story book consists of 5 to 6 chapters (or stages). To give you an idea of how much the game fleshes the anime story, there is an entire story book about Billy and his sister Lilly, a character not seen in the anime. there is also a whole story book that deals with Yuri and how she stands up to Takuma and Ryo. The existing stories have all been fledged with new animated artwork and voiceovers (in Japanese) for cutscenes. the art for this game is one of the best you will see in a KOf game.

kofd car stageThe latest The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile also takes what was fun in the previous tests and multiplies it by 10. Remember that short chapter where you drive a car as Joe Higashi? Well that short segment is a LOT longer now and adds more enemies and a boss to battle. There are also more fun things to do in the single player missions. You are now able to pick up some stuff, like bottles, and use/throw them to hurt your enemies similar to old beat’em up games. Speaking of enemies, main bosses now get introduced with a splash page similar to how the anime introduce new characters. this helps non Chinese reading fans to know the name of these bosses.

As you play the game, you are rewarded with EXP and Items. EXP allows to level up, and as you level up you get access to more stages and story missions. The several items you get can be used to unlock new features, level up single characters, or unlock new special moves. There is a very large and detailed level up tree where you get to chose which of your characters special moves and supers you want to unlock or level up. you can of course unlock things faster if you prefer to purchase the game’s monetary unit, Blue crystals, which of course cost real world money.

black crystal fight

In terms of other additions, the game now offers Auto-Play. This is a feature that most mobile games now have, which let your character become ai-controlled, and clear the mission for you. This might sound stupid (It did to me at first) but in games like these where you will have to grind some mission to level up, it gives you a good alternative to just re-playing the same missions over and over. Speaking of new things, the game now has both online and Vs. CPU battle mode where, similar to KOF games, you pick 3 characters from a large roster and you battle it out and well re-created stages from previous games in HD.

kofd onlineAd yes, you read that right, The King Of Fighters Destiny, surprisingly offers a 3 vs 3 Online mode, where much like any KOF fighting game, you choose your three characters, their order and fight it out using the game’s controls. While i had tons of lag in the September beta (mainly due to the fact that i am in Morocco wile most players are in China), the latest beta somehow fixed that and i was able to a very good lag free match that you can see in the video preview below.

The game also offers a survival mode of sort, where you basically clear areas of south town using all your unlocked fighter with one single bar of life each. Whenever a character perishes you get to chose the next. It is a very fun and difficult mode that gives you a lot of rewarding items to level up your characters.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile Game is currently having its final Beta test in China, i am hoping to be able to finish all the story content before the beta ends. There is currently no official word on release date, nor if the game will make it to the west. But with this level of polish and fun, it would be a sin to not release the game worldwide.

You can watch My first 40mn Gameplay session of The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile Game in the video below. Let me know what you think of the game or if you want more videos from this awesome free to play game:

  • CoolGuyJ

    Did they remove that Orochi stage level (where you fight against Iori) that you showed in your previous preview?

    Because, damn, the artwork for that level (and the level itself) was great. Would be a shame if that’s all gone.

    • KOFworld

      They reshuflled the stories. So basically you play through fatal fury story ubtil geese is defeated then there is a mai and andy story before you to brand new kyo related story. I have not rea hed that yet as i have to level up my character first. I hope i get to it beforr they end the beta. Im sure the orochi part has been moved around. I also think they plan to keep the game alive and update it as new season of the show get released and probably reach kof97 where that scene really take place.

      • CoolGuyJ

        Does the game have “Auto-clear” system (not auto attack)? Games like this generally have an Auto clear system, where the player needs to grind the same chapter/level more than once (in order to gain rank-up materials of a character).

        First time I play a chapter I actually go through it (to find out about the story), but after that I just make use of these Auto-clear sys because I don’t wish to go through the same level over again (KOF98 OL has the same system, with Raids as well as another game like Marvel Future Fight).

        Also, are Rankup materials only gained from main campaign (Survival mode and other modes don’t give them out as rewards?)? Would be nice to have something like KOF98OL where they have lots of mini-games/events giving out rankup materials.

        Feels a bit weird (though not complaining, since he’s one of my favorites) with them having Iori already as an obtainable character when he was in like couple of seconds in season 1 – my guess is that they’ll make him a character players have to pay to get him early before season 2 (where he will feature predominantly, in which at that stage, players will be able to grind to get him).

        • KOFworld

          You know now i feel very stupid, and it shows that im not used to mobile games lol That is definitely an auto clear mode and not auto attack. so yes it does have auto clear. I will update the article to reflect that.

          The rankup materials, Exp, is obtained in all game modes, including survival, vs, and i found that there is a mission mode like KOF14 where you have to do specific combos to clear. There are also tons of weird mini and fun games. there is a mode where you fight a giant teddy bear with his minion teddies.

          Well the whole story of KOF destiny is Kyo and Iori vs Orochi, my guess is that the anime was supposed to start with foreshadowing that kof97 fight before going back to 94, hence why it was in the game, but then they changed their mind and started strictly from KOF94.

          • CoolGuyJ

            Just to elaborate more on Auto-clear mode – it actually clears the level in an instant (so it clears and players gain rankup material etc in one touch of a button. Exp is generally not offered though. That is gained through Auto-play mode).

            Auto-play mode lets the AI control the characters and attack moves, and the player needs to wait for the AI to finish off the stage in order to gain Rankup materials, other items and experience.

            So to sum up:
            Advantages of Auto-clear : Can gain tangible items instantly (Rankup materials etc)
            Disadvantages of Auto-clear : Can’t gain experience

            Advanages of Auto-play : Gain not just tangible items (Rankup material etc), but characters used to clear the level gain experience as well (whereas exp is unobtainable in Auto-clear)
            Disadvantages of Auto-play : Need to wait for the AI to finish clearing the level in order to get items and experience.

            I’m aware of these stuff because mobile game “Marvel Future Fight” actually uses both of these system.

            It’s good to hear there are many mini-games. Maybe Iori can be obtained by something like “Iori’s Dice” from KOF98 OL (still grinding everyday in order to get him in that game)? KOF14 combo mission mode does sound very interesting.

            PvP is nice, but I wonder whether they will consider doing co-op mode (beating a hard boss with friends)?

            p.s. Regarding English episodes releasing tonight – I kinda hope they release 23 and 24 simultaneously because they missed last week (and they did that once before, releasing 2 eps at once, after not releasing in the previous week. I know there’s a chance they won’t do that, but I still hope)

          • KOFworld

            No, No auto clear just auto play. You get to play as Orochi Iori in the mission mode but not iori kinda weird lol

  • SNK-Dan

    Man, now you got me all excited! Really hope they bring this baby to the West. And great article!

  • Ritsuka66

    just a head up : new game fro snk .

    SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (PS4/Switch)