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The King Of Fighters Destiny finished its first Season last week in China, with Japan and the west getting the last two episodes this week and next. Since the season finale leaked, fans were awaiting news of the series renewal for more seasons and were also intrigued by that confusing last scene showing Kyo in his KOFXIV costume, making us question whether the series, if it ever comes back, will skip the Orochi and Nests sagas and Jump directly to KOFXIV.

Well, Orochi saga fans rest assured, as it has been confirmed by Idragons, the animation company working on the series, that the King Of Fighters Destiny will explore the entire Orochi Saga, specifically from KOF94 to KOF97. The series will have a total of 3 seasons and end the saga with a full featured animated film. This means There are 2 more seasons to deal with KOF95 and 96 before probably ending the Orochi saga in a featured film, with higher budget.

The information appeared on Idragon’s website, and thanks to our talented translator Jovita Ho, you can see the full translation below:

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“The story starts with Fatal Fury and “KOF94” and goes until the end of “KOF97”. The animation is expected to be made in three seasons, ending in the form of a big movie.

During an era when people didn’t have much to keep themselves entertained, KOF games became the trusted companion of a generation. Today’s King of Fighters is not only a game, but a symbol of childhood. This official animation makes up for the regrettable lack of one in the past, and I know it would definitely bring up fond memories in people’s minds! Currently, rights to the first season have been developed by Yinhan Games, and the animation will be distributed by Tencent Games. Other related commercial co-operations are also underway — welcome all on board!

The King Of Fighters Destiny started in July 2017, with weekly short episodes being released online. SNK offered an English Subtitled version of the anime in a simultaneous release with Japan. The series was highly praised for its plot and action, but heavily criticized for its short episode length and some iffy CGI models. Now that the first season is out of the way, and with Idragons promising that they are listening to the complaints, here is home the subsequent seasons offer longer episodes, and better CGI (if not switching to 2d animation).

Are you excited for the upcoming two seasons and featured animated film for The King Of Fighters Destiny? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • CoolGuyJ

    Thanks for the update. I’m so glad that they’re not skipping the Orochi Saga – if there’s one saga that they really need to do, it’s that one,

    While a little part of me may wish they would go on and on (going onto Nests saga, then Ash saga until KOFXIV), I guess reality is not as simple as that – with the ever growing roster of characters it may prove to be quite difficult.

    I always thought that the Orochi saga needs at least 2 seasons in order to properly tell its story (especially if Idragon continues to hold onto the series 7~12 minutes episodes format) – but a movie is a surprise (an unexpected, but pleasant surprise).

    With Kyo’s KOFXIV costume, while I’m still a bit puzzled by that, as I’ve said before, I have a strong feeling they’re basically “updating” the characters (not just Kyo, but perhaps basically everybody) designs while still doing the Orochi Saga storyline.

    Maybe SNK told them to do it in order to further promote their KOFXIV game. But even if that’s the case, I still do hope that we get to have at least one season with Iori in his classic 95~97 outfit.

    • KOFworld

      I am thinking that KOF14 kyo is just a little hint that they intend to cover all the sagas up to KOFXIV, because Kyo looked aged in that scene compared to the rest of the series. Anyway i though it was so confusing and they should not have included it at all.

      • CoolGuyJ

        What does KOFXIV suit Kyo say on the rooftop at the end? That might provide ideas/help explain Kyo’s appearance (or not).

        In order to get to KOFXIV storyline, they need to do “NESTS saga” and”Ash saga”, and that’s quite a lot of ground to cover (and I have my doubts that the series will last that long,especially with how costly CGI can be, even though I love this series.
        It would have a much better chance at longevity as 2D animation).

        • KOFworld

          I just found out that Kyo says “Time to end this” :-/ still nothing but i think it just foreshadows things in kof14. Still, a very stupid decision that is only confusing everyone. Should have ended with the Iori Scene

          • CoolGuyJ

            I kinda wish they did an interview (now that series is finished, well almost finished, since Jap-Eng season 1 finale is just couple of days away) discussing their journey to develop this series, reasons for taking the plot in certain direction / what they learned from fans’ responses, and their plans for the future (we know 2 more seasons and a movie, but we don’t really know the specifics).

            They can even explain their reason for including that KOFXIV Kyo scene in the interview.

  • Awesome. After the covering the Rugal saga, it looks like the series is not done yet. Good to know. ^_^

  • Edu Px

    Great news, hoping for a new art direction and someone need to remove those silly sound effects, geez..

    • KOFworld

      Some CGI models need to be redone, like Kyo, who is the hero of the series lol, his face and mouth are so off. Goenitz looks the best s he is a last addition to the series, so that gives me hope that models are getting better.

  • samirerre

    Wow this is such a good time to be an SNK fan right now, a tv series with 3 season’s ending with a big movie? that would be almost unthinkable 5 years ago.
    What i would want from idragons to do is simply rework the faces(some look odd at times),redo the animations so the fight scenes would get a better flow(a compleat one haha) and longer episodes 20 minutes screen time+ 5 minutes intro/outro would be good enough.
    and go even deeper into each and each of the characters lures.
    The first season was overly centerd on Terry and Kyo,we need to know more about combatants like Kim and why he fight’s for justice,and actually show Takuma this time haha.

  • Natures Blessing

    Jesus Christ. I hope it isn’t as bad as Destiny S1.

    • KOFworld

      Cmon 🙂 Season 1 was pretty good for a show’s first season. Its not esy to handle a roster as large as KOF. There are definitely huge areas of improvements, but by video games adaptation Destiny is a solid one

    • Ritsuka66

      yep. need a lot of work

  • Daniel Quiroga

    for the second season, I would like you to use the original designs for each of the characters, without altering the original story of the game. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/196e3c27634ec8aa46ecefb97235d1dec89e0abcb5ad5375b4d15730cb3f6945.jpg

  • Daniel Quiroga

    for the second season, I would like you to use the original designs for each of the characters, without altering the original story of the game. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/196e3c27634ec8aa46ecefb97235d1dec89e0abcb5ad5375b4d15730cb3f6945.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c53cfd3b5c951f4f710de5c76edc74b0d33d057bc6efb5148ba2173c53b4a19c.jpg