The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 8, titled “Reception”, has been released by SNK in English subtitles. the episode marks an important development in the overall story of this excellent anime series. Watch it below, then comeback for our review later in the day:

After an almost self contained story last week focusing on the growing romance between Terry and Angelina, the King Of Fighters Destiny is bringing back exposure to the KOF tournament. In episode 8. titled “Reception”, we get to meet most of the cast of the KOF94, characters like Athena, Kensou, Kim, Ralf and others made their first debut when the fighters were all required to sign their presence at Geese Tower. The characters who had dialogue were really spot on in terms of their personalities and tone. This really shows how SNK is respecting the mythology and not changing character traits to meet plot requirement. The episode end foreshadowing an upcoming battle between Terry and Kyo, as well as Rugal making his presence felt.
Animation wise, i really feel this show has really improved. Whether it’s the details character models, or the subtle mouth and eyes movements, Idragons studios excellent work really shines in this episode.

Our main grip with this episode and the series as a whole is the VERY SHORT length of these chapters. Take the recap, opening and credits and you are left with a 5 to 7mn worth of animation. I really hope SNK will review their strategy in terms of episodes length, other than that we are looking forward to next week’s chapter of The King Of Fighters Destiny anime.

What did you think of today’s episode? Let us know your favorite part of┬áThe King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 8 in the comments below!

  • Don Teofilito Melquiadez

    You can watch a little more of Kyo vs Terry fight in the Kof Destiny Production Video ^_^u

  • samirerre

    Best episode yet!.

    • KOFworld


  • Ionutz Fulger

    I agree, the animation is getting better. If the length of the episodes could be at least 12 min without intros, recap and credits it would be fantastic!