Since it’s announcement in March, we knew that SNK is pretty serious about their upcoming The King Of Fighters Destiny Animated Series. We also knew that the series will start at the very beginning by adapting the first Fatal Fury game, and today we have further confirmation thank to a new The King Of Fighters Destiny Trailer.

Shown at The King Of Fighters Conference, the new The King Of Fighters Destiny Trailer focus on how Terry is making a comeback to south town in order to find his father murderer Geese Howard. The trailer, which is in Japanese, also feature Kyo Kusanagi, Andy, Joe, Billy, Yuri and Ryo.

How Kyo Kusanagi is tied up to the first Fatal Fury story remains to be seen. But one can easily guess that Geese is probably involved with the Orochi blood somehow.

We expect more information about The King Of Fighters Destiny Animated Series to be revealed in the next few hours, so make sure to keep checking FGCnow as we covering this massive event.

  • Good to see that oldschool Billy Kane is in there as well

    • Destruktor2k

      I know right! for a second i thought we are getting Billy with the weird hairdo only