Today’s episode of The King Of Fighters Destiny is a side story that focuses on King, as she works as a bouncer in order to pay of her brother’s medical bill. watch it below:


The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 20 is a side story that focuses on King as she struggles with her brothers medical bill, and shows how she is willing to do anything to come up with the money. what ensues next is a great, mini adaptation of tart of The art Fighting game story, as King works for Mr Big to hold Yuri Hostage. this of course leads to Ryo making his way through Mr Big’s Henchmen before reaching King. After the two battle it out, Ryo’s Haoou-Shou-kou-ken ends the match in an instant. But Ryo’s smile to King and his decision to let her go made the latter see things differently, and was the cause that turned her life around to be the King we know and Love.

The King Of Fighters Destiny Episode 20 is an excellent chapter, and one that proves that these side stories could be as fun as the real episodes.

  • JohnMc

    Kind of weird to do this now so late in the run. Especially since Ryo and King have not interacted at all in “the present day”.