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Prior to the new year, Japanese website 4gamer.net conducted an interview with several prominent game developers on what the new year will bring from their studios. One of the KOF producer, Mr Yasuyuki Oda, was one of the interviewees and mentioned that both a Console and Mobile game will announced and launched in 2018. For now let us not talk about the console game, as that there is a bigger article about it coming along, instead let’s focus on the mobile game.

If a mobile game is set to be launched in 2018 that means the game is already in development. And looking at previous SNK related mobile games, they all have had beta tests months before release. With that in mind we believe the game that wills ee a release in 2018, at least in Japan, is The King Of Fighters Destiny Mobile game. a game that both SNK and Tencent are pushing really well in China.

A quick info about me, i am NOT a mobile gamer! I grew up in 80’s 90’s in the arcades and fighting games and competitive titles are what i enjoy playing. I have tried games like KOF98OL because i love the franchise, but as addictive as that game is, i could not play for more than an hour total. But after participating in the second beta test of The King Of Fighters Destiny mobile game, boy was i hooked.

Developed by Chinese mega popular developer, TenCent, The King Of Fighters Destiny is a classic Beat’em up a la Final Fight, Cadillac and dinosaurs etc with awesome KOF gameplay element and 3 vs 3 online battles. KOFD follows the story of the anime of the same name. I have reviewed the second beta test in an article which you can read here

After the second beta ended in September, things went quite and western fans started to wonder if the game just got canned, which would be a crime since it is great fun. However, we were just not looking enough. Thanks to KOF fan Mensary whose Chinese skills allowed me to understand some hard to find articles and reports, it seems SNK and Tencent have been putting some great marketing material in China making everyone (except us) aware that the game is clearly something big. Take a look at some of the marketing material related to The King Of Fighters Destiny Game.

If that is not enough, SNK and Tencent Games have partnered with  a famous Chinese comedian in order to feature The King Of Fighters Destiny on his show on live television.


SNK did not stop there, as they took the game on live tour around China, having fans and general public try the game in order to raise awareness and gather feedback. From what the official site says, the reactions to The King Of Fighters Destiny mobile were very positive.


Right after the live tour and SNK and Tencent bid big on the King Of Fighters Destiny at their annual TGC2017 (Tencent Games Carnival Tencent Games Carnival). The game was present in special booths were attendees get to try some of the game’s modes and learn about the competitive gameplay aspect fo the game.

And just today, Tencent has announced the launch of the final Beta of the game. Which select fans can get into by applying on the game’s official website right here. The beta is available for android systems only, and requires either a QQ account or Wechat. You create a free QQ account by going here

The reason the game is popular is mainly because of its great gameplay. There are two main aspects to the game: Single play and Vs. Single play follows the story of the anime, form Terry arriving to South town, to his fight with Geese. Kyo, Yuri, and many others play similar roles to their anime counterpart (except here we have Takuma who was absent from the animated series). Gameplay wise, it is a beat em up 2d fighter, where you fight wave after wave of goons before fighting a boss or two. As you go through the stages your character levels up unlocking new moves, specials and SDM’s.

Vs mode on the other hand is an awesome well taught 3 vs 3 fighting game, that combines both beat em up elements and KOF game mechanics. The crazy part is that you get to play this mode online, challenging players around the world. Tencent really found a balance between simplicity and technical gameplay that many mobile games never dream of achieving. You can watch my video preview of the second beta test below:

With such a huge push from SNK and Tencent, and with The King Of Fighters Destiny anime being planned as a 3 seasons show and ending the first saga with an animated movie,  it is pretty much a given that the KOFD mobile game will be localized for the west, and is probably the game that Yasuyuki Oda has previously mentioned.

I was given access to this newest beta and will be doing a video preview and playthrough very soon. Until then make sure to try and get into the beta before the window closes, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

  • CoolGuyJ

    I’ve been waiting for this game for quite awhile now (still playing KOF 98OL, since there are no other decent KOF mobile games yet). Game looks good – hopefully it releases soon after all the English episodes are released (I think it’s good to release it when the series is fresh on people’s minds, instead of releasing it much later).

    Huge influx of mobile KOF games in development currently, with not just this game, but also “KOF World” (mmorpg), and “KOF All Star.” (not too sure about KOF World, but KOF All Star looks good too, from gameplay footage)

    • KOFworld

      Im currently playing in the new beta. damn the game has gotten A LOT BETTER. tons of extra story cutscenes, new gameplay mechanics, and just great fun. It would be a huge mistep if SNK does not bring this game to the west. Best Mobile game Ever!

      • CoolGuyJ

        Hope to see your next preview video soon!!

  • samirerre

    The sprite work is imprassive ; better MUGEN that shit LOL